Striving To Serve Humanity

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Who We Are


Pharmagen Healthcare Limited (PHL) is a private enterprise which was set up in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Pharmagen Limited. As the name suggests, it is a health related, social organization, working in the category which aims at producing and delivering safe, healthy and affordable drinking water throughout Lahore, especially to the low income sector and underprivileged residencies in the city.
Facilitated greatly by its collaborations with Acumen Fund USA, Palladium Pakistan and UKaid, PHL is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified and socially responsible healthcare company in Pakistan. It serves as a strong supporting pillar for the parent company by retaining the balance between the provisions of both therapeutic as well as deterrent healthcare facilities, especially to the underprivileged communities of the country, where accessibility of clean water is a primordial issue that holds the lives of such people at stake.

Vision Statement

“To become the most respected corporate entity in the country by setting the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility and serve as a model for others to emulate”.

Mission Statement

  • Taking people’s health and quality of life to the next level by retaining an uncompromisingly high merit bar when it comes to delivering topnotch quality drinking water
  • Making Healthcare in Pakistan more economically feasible.
  • Boosting the morale of stakeholders by setting high standards in the field of business.
  • Achieving internalization, self-sustainability and profitability enhancement as well as maximum revenue generation in the social sector of the country.
  • Encouraging qualified personnel of related faculties and disciplines to upgrade their abilities in this field by equipping them with a strong platform to polish their innovative skills.
  • Equipping social entrepreneurs with strong incentives in order to encourage them to undertake their efforts in this field via minimum investment.
  • Outclassing our competitors in terms of corporate ethics.
  • Come up with initiatives and stimulating projects that positively rehabilitate the country’s image in the social divisions.