Striving To Serve Humanity

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What We Do

Problem and Intervention

In a country where 40% of illnesses are water-borne and the large majority of the population, over 50% of whom are women and children, PHL addresses this issue in 4 main ways:

  • By providing purified water to its customers that is also re-mineralized.
  • Offering the highest quality of water at the rate as low as PKR 2.5 per liter.
  • Offering a convenient way for customers to purchase this water by leveraging its current and future network of shops in the low income urban areas of Lahore.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of innovation and quality in its operations as well as the water.




PHL is currently operating 14 “Pharmagen Water” on self-administrative model; the company directly incurs the cost of the day-to-day proceedings and operations of the shops. Located in low income localities for the past decade, the shops have been having a beneficial impact on the lives of 28000 people and counting by indulging in the mass production of 35,000 liters of water on average on a daily basis at an economically feasible rate of Rs 2.5 per Liter. Things didn’t just stop here. In 2016, a successful collaboration between ‘PHL’ and ‘Palladium Pakistan’ led to the inception of ‘Pani Shop’ project whose implementation was also facilitated by UKAid. The ‘Pani Shops’ were established on the franchisee model. PHL introduced the concept of water ATM kiosks for the 1st time in Pakistan through Pani Shop project. Being automatic filling facilities, they took the health and hygiene of drinking water to the next level. To sum it up, PHL has 29 shops up and running in Lahore (14 Pharmagen shops controlled by PHL and 15 Pani Shops controlled by franchisees) which apart from providing clean drinking water to underprivileged communities at a nominal cost, are also leaving no stone unturned at setting up business opportunities for small level entrepreneurs and boosting sustainability of PHL through induction of 15 new franchises.