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UKaid also known as “DFID” works in Pakistan to reduce poverty and help build a prosperous and stable country. In Pakistan:

  • More than 60 million people in Pakistan live in extreme poverty
  • 12 million children are out of school
  • 1 in 11 children die before their fifth birthday
  • 12,000 women die in childbirth every year

Entrenched poverty is denying opportunities to millions of people and undermining Pakistan’s long-term stability and prosperity. Beating poverty and building a prosperous democratic Pakistan will help not only millions of poor Pakistanis, but it will also improve stability in Pakistan, the region and beyond. That’s why Pakistan is one of the UK government’s top priorities. DFID funds many organizations who are working to end poverty through open competition.

UKaid directly supports civil society organizations working on sustained poverty reduction in marginalized and vulnerable communities.DFID’s main programmed areas of work are Education, Health, Social Services, Water Supply and Sanitation, Government and Civil Society, Economic Sector (including Infrastructure, Production Sectors and Developing Planning), Environment Protection, Research, and Humanitarian Assistance.

The contribution of Ukid led to the facilitation of the “Pani Shop” project, an automatic water filling facility mobilizing the supply of clean drinking water throughout Lahore.