Q1. What is the price of the Water?
The product price is 90 Rs. Per 19 lit bottle. However; for the first month; the introductory price is 80 Rs. Per bottle. Security of Rs. 500 has to be deposited for each bottle.


Q2. I have bottles of some other companies; can I exchange them for Pharmagen Water?
Undamaged bottles of any company can be exchanged to get Pharmagen water. Security would be waived off in this case.


Q3. When would the water be delivered?
For delivery schedule in your area please call our help line at 111 793 793.


Q4. Is this water just filtered water or is it mineral water?
Pharmagen water is purified water with balanced minerals; made using state of the art reverse osmosis purification process on international lines in accordance with WHO and PSQCA standards.


Q5. I used boiled water. Isn’t that enough
Boiling water does not remove toxic metals like Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Arsenic and chemicals like pesticides, nitrates and other solvents. Not only does it leave the water flat tasting; it also does not like viruses like Gardia, Lambia and Crypto as they need much higher temperatures to be killed than the water’s boiling point. Additionally boiling also hampers the mineral content of water’ leaving the minerals at the brim of the pot. Sometimes; boiling can do more harm than good as clean / pure water vaporizes; leaving behind a higher concentration of harmful contaminants.


Q6. Is it different from the filter water that I get from the government filtration plant?
Filtration is just one process and it does not make sure that the water is fit for human consumption. Filtered water from government plants does not meet any international quality criteria and does not reduce the risk of arsenic contamination.


Q7. How is Pharmagen a social Enterprise?
Pharmagen has set up 16 water shops at various (less affluent) areas of Lahore through which it is servicing more than 60,000 underprivileged population of the city.


Q8. How do I become an ambassador of the cause?
By becoming a Pharmagen Customer, you are helping us sustain our subsidized product offering to the underprivileged, making sure that their children have access to quality drinking water.


Q9. Which American entity is Pharmagen collaborating with?
Pharmagen has been set up in collaboration with Acumen Fund. Acumen Fund is a non-profit global venture fund that collaborates with various businesses to solve the problems of global poverty.

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