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Message from CEO

Hussain Naqi
Chief Executive Officer Pharmagen Healthcare Limited

Anyone visiting Pakistan, gets to be overwhelmed by the amazing hospitality of Pakistani people as well as their awareness, pertaining to safe drinking water. It is no surprise, therefore, that a company like Pharmagen Healthcare Limited, whose core agenda hovers around “ Healthy water, Happy Living” feels itself right at home in such an aesthetic and conducive environment.

Ever since its inception 7 decades ago, thanks to the undying efforts of our media and NGOs health awareness, pertaining to the appalling dangers of consuming contaminated water has continuously spiraled upwards and has enabled a radical change in consumer preferences in our society, resulting in a shift from the poorly maintained conventional government filters to our modern day water production facilities covering filtration, purification, mineralization, etc. Much still needs to be done. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Therefore, we at PHL, persuade our devoted customers to drink by all means, but, to drink healthy. Our vision Is to revolutionize drinking water trends in the whole country, starting with Lahore via an uncompromising stance on top notch water production quality as well as an efficient, marketing strategy and a flawless transportation program that brings people closer to us in today’s internet wired satellite covered global village. Working in the social division, we have prided ourselves always of being a non-profit, health related organization that sacrificed its profitability endeavors in the pursuit of prioritizing peoples’ health, happiness and well-being over everything else.

We strive to top our category and consequently rehabilitate our country’s image by using our company’s base as a forum to generate employment for the people and equip them with a positively stimulating environment, related to their skills and qualifications, where they can make themselves be heard and utilize their intellectual and intuitive skills to come up with bright, innovative and self-sustainable solutions that alleviate the image of the company as well as facilitate the people out there, hoping to boost their quality of life.

Through the opening of our franchises, we are expanding the base of our operations, boosting the morale of stakeholders and encouraging diligent entrepreneurs to establish themselves in our field. We aim on entrenching ourselves throughout the country, immersing our product in every department, be it hospitals,schools,etc. We look forwards towards collaborating with NGOs to spread our awareness campaigns, especially in the rural, under-privileged and deprived areas. Having connected with 24000people and counting, our target audiences include people of all ages, especially children to whom we wish to inform as to how a healthy drinking water routine is a foundation block for a healthy and productive life. We aim on topping corporate ethics. We focus on taking our business and sustainability ventures to the next venture and also plan on achieving compatibility with current healthcare system of the country as well as exercising innovation in providing clean, drinking water to the city’s poorer communities.

I am proud to be part of this successful organization which is dedicated to doing business while living up to our Corporate Business Principles by being transparent, honest and caring for individuals and society. On behalf of PHL, I would like to thank all our consumers for their trust. I commit to work hard with the whole team to continue to deliver and maintain the high international quality and safety standards you have come to expect from us.

Yours Sincerely,